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Sheila put a seller's home live on a Good Friday and over the holiday weekend she had over 100 showings with 31 offers by Monday morning. Their home ended up selling for $50,000 over the asking price!

Sally and Bruce, Buffalo Grove

How to sell your house in a week, like we did: 1. Hire Sheila. We interviewed several agents, and as I closed the door behind Sheila, I said to my husband, "This woman can sell our house," and I was right! 2. Do what she says: nothing more, nothing less. We would have spent more time and money preparing the house for sale, but Sheila knew what was vital and what was not. Why would you hire a professional and NOT do what they said? Sheila was always available via text or phone, very communicative about what was happening, and a really pleasant human being. We're happily in our new house two states away. I'll miss her!  

The days when selling your home meant putting a sign in the yard and an ad in the newspaper are long over. Today, effective selling demands a full-blown marketing process involving strategic planning, broad exposure through interactive advertising, expert merchandising and much more.

Preparing to Sell
While the details of the process may vary according to the type of home and local market conditions, the prospect of success is increased by following these eight steps.
How much is your home worth? Should you ask for more? How long will it take to sell?
Our collection of interactive tools gives sellers a powerful edge in a highly competitive market — and buyers a singular resource for up-to-the-minute information.
We offer a network of 400+ real estate attorneys, closing in your local Baird & Warner office and competitive rates.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that Sheila receives from her client’s all the time. If you have any additional questions, please ask by contacting Sheila!

Why is a disclosing agency important?

A disclosing agency is very important. Dual agency needs to be understood by both buyers and sellers. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, I will explain agency and how it affects you.

When selling a home, remodeling can be scary, how can you help?

    • Pick out things that need attention
    • It’s not about spending money
    • My goal is to keep more money in your pocket
    • Let me be another set of eyes to look at your home

When working with an agent, what is the standard commission?

Most sellers are very concerned about the commission and lose sight of the list to sell ratio. Isn’t it more important to know what you will net.  I will prepare a net sheet for you so that you can understand all of the costs involved with selling.

How much is your home worth?